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I added a page to the rider resources menu called Linky Links. I added links to a few riding pages I find interesting and I hope you find them interesting, too.

Here are some numbers from the rally:

  • 195 riders registered so far from as far away as Texas, Alaska and Missouri! I don’t want to hear any complaining about how far away the destinations are…LOL!
    • WA – 92
    • OR – 87
    • ID – 6
    • CA, TX, CO – 2 each
    • NV, MO, AK, AZ – 1 each
  • Of the 195 riders registered:
    • Harley (75), BMW (31), Honda (26), Yamaha (21), CanAm (8), Kawasaki (7), Indian (7), Triumph (7), KTM (4), Suzuki (3), Victory (3), Ducati (2) and Aprilla (1) are all represented!
  • Donations to the YMCA so far – $730 (thank you!)
  • Number of teasers released – 3…

I haven’t received registration fees from 8 riders who registered and indicated they planned to pay by mail. If you are one of those riders and haven’t sent it, or if you did send it and haven’t heard back from me, please get in touch (I send a separate email when I receive your check/cash). I will send reminder e-mails to those 8 riders separately. I am getting ready to mail out your flags, but I will not send the package until your registration fees are received.

Most of us have been hit by snow over the last day or so – I had a solid 10 inches or so in my yard yesterday afternoon. Days like those make me dream of riding in warm, sunny weather…it’s a little way off. So, to help you pass the time until all destinations are released, here’s a little teaser of one final destination before I post the full list in 2 weeks.

Riding in northern Nevada poses several unique challenges, especially to riders with limited gas range. Quite simply, there just isn’t much of anything civilized about northern Nevada. It is beautiful country, and I always enjoy my time in the area, but you have to have a plan for filling up. I have ridden around in northern Nevada for hours and seen absolutely no other sign of human life.

It is a strange place for this destination, but somehow a memorial to long distance riding lives in the area outside of Gerlach, Nevada. Full disclosure – the road to get to the actual memorial is a tough piece of dirt. Heavy bikes should be very cautious in particular, and be advised that cell service is spotty at best. Know your limits and don’t push them to visit the memorial. It may be a long time before anyone drives by to help!

So, in light of this challenge, the actual destination will be located nearby in beautiful Gerlach (LOL). Gas? Sometimes. Food? Most of the time. People nearby? Maybe. For those who brave the trip out of Gerlach to the memorial, that location will count the same as the location in Gerlach (one or the other is fine).

So why should you visit the memorial instead of Bruno’s, or maybe in addition to Bruno’s? It can have some meaning to those who are passionate about long distance riding.

All right, that’s it for teasers until the end of the month when the full list is posted on the web site. Dream on, dreamers!


  1. I will attest to the remoteness of the IBA Memorial Location. I made a wrong turn and ended up in a gravel pit with my ST1100 buried in sand. It took me a bit to dig myself out and find the actual site. But it was worth it!

    1. Brother and I visited the Gerlach IB Memorial in 2017. It was a NV destination that year. We went off road with the Harleys, it was early April and all kinds of little flowers were in bloom, critters were crittering weather was perfect and the drainage ditch we rode through was dry enough that we didn’t bottom out and made it right up to the memorial. Nice place to rest, take on some fluids and, munch some lunch on the pick-a-nick table. The scenery wasn’t bad either. I think this year we will come in from the North via 299 off 395 to Cedarville California then CA1 to NV447 into Gerlach.

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