Almost Ready to Mail!

We hit a significant milestone this morning – 200 riders registered! And to think that I believed I would be lucky to see 50 riders this first year. Almost all envelopes are stuffed, stamped and addressed. I have a little more to do and will drop them in the mail later this week.

Next weekend is the big reveal…all 30 destinations will be posted on the website with sample pictures and a .gpx file for GPS users. You will be able to download the destination list, the .gpx file and a .zip file with sample images. The rest is up to you!

One request I have for all of you. I recognize that once your flag arrives and the destination list is released that you will then have all the tools to head out. Please remember that the rally starts April 1st. I am releasing the destination list early this year because I want to make sure that those of you that signed up for the very first year of a new rally can see what we have planned and hopefully recognize that this is a legit effort. I am relying on your integrity to not go out early and try to get destination pictures before April 1st. There is no prize for first place in this rally.

I encourage you to take your flag and bike and go practice when the weather allows. Go ahead and send those practice pictures to Go out on a windy day and practice attaching your flag to your bike so that the number remains visible for the scoring team. Have some fun and show us some cool shots.

As always, send your questions to the rally e-mail, use the contact form on this site or just comment on this post. I will get back to you as time allows.


  1. I dunno, Tim. I can appreciate your message about not taking any pre rally photos to turn in during the rally. However, you might be missing out on a pioneering new feature for this type of event. “Who can bag the most rally bonii before the rally actually starts?” (You could probably come up with a better name, though)

    1. You can go visit and scout I suppose. I just ask you return for the “official” picture on or after April 1st. It was a intentionally hole in the process to make sure people could see what they were getting themselves into. Next year, no list until April 1st!

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