May 23rd Update

Well, we are up to 6 finishers at this point. Congratulations to the following riders:

  • 003 Tim Seawel
  • 007 Rod Barnes
  • 081 Burl Smith
  • 143 George Barnes
  • 144 Dave Sims
  • 145 Ellie Sims

Take a look at the rules to figure out what finisher means…it doesn’t mean they have visited all 30 locations – that would be impossible at this point since one of them still isn’t accessible due to snow closures. There are several riders who are close to finisher status. Don’t stop! Get all 30! So far, 152 riders have visited 530 destinations. Pretty cool!

We still have 3 destinations that haven’t enjoyed a visit, yet. As mentioned, 1 of them isn’t accessible at this time, but the other 2 are and I guess I am a little surprised no one has ventured out to Western Montana or eastern Idaho to grab them. I am sure their lonely status won’t last very much longer.

We all need a friend on the road, but the Zarings have it figured out perfectly with Yogi, their traveling companion. Cracks me up every time I see a picture of their fur baby on the back of the bike!

Yogi Zaring!

I made what I hope is an enhancement to the website. Take a look at the rally stats page and you can now click a destination code that will send you to the Google Drive folder where all the images submitted for that location are available to view. I usually go through the recent submissions every day or so and move them over, so don’t get too worried if yours doesn’t show up immediately. Maybe next year I will figure out how to automate the process.

Get out there and ride!

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