June Is Here!

Lots of great rides happening as we approach the longest “day” of the year and the official start of summer. I think a few riders who put in some miles last week would argue that summer already arrived, but officially we have to wait a little longer.

We currently have 356 riders registered with flags. 169 of them have made at least 1 stop, and the group has now visited 656 destinations! We still have 2 locations without a visit (Dee Observatory in Oregon – still closed, and MT2 in Montana). We are up to 11 finishers as of this morning. Remember, you don’t have to collect all 30 to be a finisher in this rally. But you can keep going to get all 30! I am looking at the possibility of giving riders who finish all 30 destinations a little something extra for their effort. More to follow.

Congratulations to the following finishers:

  • 001 Tim Allen
  • 003 Tim Seawel
  • 007 Rod Barnes
  • 037 Kerri Miller
  • 081 Burl Smith
  • 128 Ken Tracy
  • 143 George Barnes
  • 144 Dave Sims
  • 145 Ellie Sims
  • 244 Glen Geiss
  • 271 Murray Langille

A couple of our riders had some unfortunate luck – one was involved in a hit and run in western Washington (he is recovering and should be fine) and another broke a rim in the middle of nowhere. We are glad that the rider who was hit will be OK, and I think this serves as an important reminder to all of us to stay safe and be prepared for anything out there. A couple of rider notes for all of us:

  • The road to WA-3 (Boggan’s Oasis) is a fun stretch of pavement with a few hazards we should be aware of. There are tar snakes most of the way down, so be careful in warmer weather. And the rugged terrain is prone to rock fall, so be aware of what lies in wait as you enter a corner. Also of note, the Oasis is open until 5pm, so if a meal or shake is on your mind, plan your rider accordingly.
  • The dirt road out to the alternate WA-8 location (Palouse Falls sign at the park entrance) is still in rough shape with plenty of washboard sections. The road crews typically grade it at some point soon, but please be careful. And remember, you don’t have to ride all the way out there. I gave you an alternate location at the highway intersection.
  • My experience riding throughout Western Montana is that there is a LOT of wildlife. Be especially careful when headed to MT-2 (Earthquake Lake). The last time I was in that area there were bison on or near the roadway.
  • The forestry service road that leads to ID-2 (North Fork) is paved, but the last time I was out there the markings were not in good shape (the surface was fine, the painted lines were in bad shape). Also, the area is prone to small rock fall on the road, so just take it easy and enjoy the scenery along the Salmon River! Note – read the destination guide for this one – your bike DOES NOT have to be in this picture. Also, whichever way your trip plans take you, make sure you include the ride over US-93 north of North Fork. It is a great stretch of road to even out the wear pattern on your tires 🙂

And finally, a few ideas for meals on your rides…

  • I am told by one of our riders that the burgers at CA-1 are pretty good.
  • In the Leavenworth, WA area? Try Heidleburger on the west side of town for great burgers, fries and milk shakes. It is a small building right on US-2.
  • The food at MT-1 (Tamarack Brewing) is very good.
  • In the Palouse region of eastern Washington? My favorite breakfast place in the entire world is located in Moscow, Idaho – The Breakfast Club. With a name like that, how could I be wrong?
  • Bend, Oregon? Make a stop by the Deschutes Brewery Public House for a good meal and beer (assuming your riding is done for the day).
  • Also in the Palouse region in Lewiston, Idaho – Season’s Bites and Burgers. More of a sit down place with very good food. They have a lot more than burgers. And the Lewiston/Clarkston area has a much better assortment of lodging choices than Moscow/Pullman.
  • Do you have any more places you really try to visit when out on the road? Send them my way! If I get enough, I might try to create a page to consolidate a list 🙂
It’s good to see a few more riders out on good weather days!
The location in McDermitt is a long haul for almost everyone registered 🙂
Rider 211 made his way north from the San Diego area and reports that the burgers were GOOD!


    1. I imagine there are. Bend is a cool area with lots of interesting places to visit. Send me a note with a few of your favorites and I’ll let others know, too.

      1. So many breweries and brewpubs. Worthy Brewing, 10 Barrel, Monkless, Bridge 99, Cascade Lakes Brewing, Crux, and Silver Moon to name a few of my favorites. A lot of hotels so you can binge and stagger back to your room and not get a ticket.

  1. Anytime I head up over RT 20 through the Methow valley I make sure to go through early in the day to Get a Cinnamon Twisp at the Bakery in Twisp. 100% plan on doing this when I make my way to the smoke jumper base soon.

    1. Awesome, love those kind of places! There is a place called Sweet River Bakery in Pateros, WA that makes good sandwiches and great sweet treats, too. Tim S. and I were there a few weeks ago – they are open for outside eating and lots of seating behind the bakery.

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