2022 Plans!

Quick answer to the most common question – yes, we plan to do this again in 2022! I am already planning locations in out of the way places and hope to provide an enjoyable group of options to get you out and about next year.

Some updates planned for 2022:

  • I am planning to have the registration page active at the end of December. Stay tuned!
  • Returning riders who register early (date TBD) will be able to request their 2021 rider number. I need to cut it off at some point to make sure flag orders can be sent and received in time for mailing.
  • Entry fee will remain affordable. I am still looking at planned prices, and believe the entry fee will stay close to $20.
  • I am choosing to not accept mail in registrations and payments this year. You will have to register online, and pay via PayPal (you do not have to have an active PayPal account to do this).
  • I am setting up a discussion board on the web site for riders to use to ask questions, share stories and just interact. This is a first step in my plan to make Facebook less of a part of the tour. I am testing it now with a few people and hope to make it active at the end of the year.
  • I am thinking about providing the option to purchase a tee shirt with the rally logo on it. Just need to sort out prices and delivery timelines. I should have an answer about the same time registration goes live.
  • Finally, I am hoping that health guidelines allow us to have a mid-season get-together to meet and greet and share stories. If we are able to pull it together, there will be a small price (in addition to registration) to help defray food and beverage costs.

As always, I am always open to suggestions – send me a message using the contact page on this web site.

I hope your holiday season is blessed!


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