Teaser #3 – Oregon

Teaser #3…Oregon coast, sort of πŸ™‚

Agness, Oregon. Who knows where that is (besides Butch and Beckie Dunlap)?

This is a great area in the coastal mountain range, but there are a few notes to make. First off, there is a lot of dirt in the area. You dual sport riders will probably love this one! The paved route is on Agness Rd from Gold Beach on the coast. The road from the north (Powers) is a lot of dirt forest service road.

Credit for this location goes to Butch Dunlap πŸ™‚

Location – N42.555167, W124.064433

At an elevation of 230 feet, this one isn’t going to require snow tires, but finding a dry stretch of riding weather will be a challenge in the early going.

The Agness Post Office with Butch’s bike. He probably came from Powers on the dirt roads πŸ™‚

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  1. I Went to school just up the road from here. We walked from the school to get the school mail as a kid. ( oh wait. They moved the P.O. it’s now across the road from the β€œold” Agness Store which is where the Heidelberg Tree is. You might see locals drinking beer under the Heidelberg Tree.

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