GT16 Update (Steptoe Butte)

The state park website says the road to the top of Steptoe Butte will be closed for construction this year. Tim Seawel and I went out there on Friday (3/26) to scout an alternate location and the road is still open with no signs of work. We saw no signs of preparation for work, either – no signs, no construction equipment staged, no survey markings, etc. My best guess is that any work planned is a few weeks/months out. Those visiting earlier this season will likely have no issue getting to the top.

So, what to do?

The planned stop at the top is still valid. The road is rough. It is paved all the way up but there are potholes in places. Take it slow (I think we went about 25mph and it was fine) and enjoy the views. At the top, just before the dirt parking area, there is a paved road to the left that goes up to the main parking area where the picture should be taken. There are also bathroom facilities in that parking area (pit toilets).

If you go later in the season and can’t get there because of road work, take a picture at the entry just off of Hume Rd with the butte visible in the background. The gates in the picture below are located immediately adjacent to Hume Rd and should be accessible all year long 🙂

The website will be updated to reflect this alternate location in the next day or so.

Less Than A Week to Go!

The rally officially starts this Friday and I am sure most of you are excited to get started. If you haven’t tested out the scoring system by sending in a few test images, please take a few minutes ot do it and avoid frustration later. It is super simple but does require 3 basic elements for success:

  • Send the email to the correct address ()
  • Send the email from the same email you registered with.
  • The location code (“GT01”, for example) must be the first characters in the subject line!

Here’s a link to the page with more info for scoring success.

You all should have received your flags by now! If you have NOT received your flag, drop me a line using the contact form on the website so we can sort it out.

See you all out there!

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  1. Thanks for the scouting mission , I hope it was a pleasant safe ride , and that was enjoyed ! Too many miles for me , but I’m old 🍻 here’s to you gents

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