The Day Before the Best Day of the Year :)

Many of you have plans to get out and enjoy our wonderful roads in the PNW – I am joining you, too! Be safe, enjoy the ride and stay warm!

Make sure you know where you are going and what you are supposed to include in your picture. As a friendly reminder:

  • Your motorcycle (or enough of it to tell it is a motorcycle) must be in the picture.
  • Your rally flag (or placard for a small number of you who haven’t received your flags, yet) must be in the picture with the number readable.
  • The object described in the location guide must be included in the picture. It does not have to be an exact match in terms of size or angle, but it does need to be recognizable.

This seems like a good time to remind riders what to do if you (oops) lose your flag (note – leaving your flag at home isn’t the same as lost). If you LOSE your flag, take a picture with your smiling face in place of your flag. When you can, let me know what is going on and I can send you a file you may print to use in place of the flag going forward.

Did you forget your flag at home? It sucks being sad, but that’s what you are now.

Once you have that picture of your dreams, remember to send it in like this:

  • Send it from the email address you used to register for the rally on Ride Master (unless you have told me to change it).
  • Send it to the email address used for scoring ().
  • Make sure the location code (e.g. “GT01”, etc) is the first thing in the subject line of the email.

Please do not send the picture as a text message. It will not be recognized by the system.

All right, off we go! Maybe I will see you out there. I have plans to ride a long way on Saturday with no stops (except gas). I will be making my way back home starting Sunday and will see parts of California, Oregon and Washington.

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