A Cold, Wet Week

April sucks so far, am I right???

The weather has definitely kept riders home more this past week. We only had a handful of riders out collecting a jaw-dropping 14 locations…LOL! But better weather is on the horizon (he chants to himself over and over and over).

We did see some activity. Several riders picked off some low hanging fruit on Whidbey Island, and one crazy Canadian rider ventured out in the cold to collect locations on the east side of the state.

Rider 46 visits NAS Whidbey. It looks nice, but you can see the wind was blowing and I am told it was cold.
Rider 41 got innovative to keep his flag visible in gusty conditions at Grand Coulee Dam.

53 riders have visited 85 locations so far with GT13 leading with 15 visits so far. We still have 7 locations with no visits, probably because there is still snow blocking access. That too shall pass.

I think the picture submission process is working pretty well? There have been a couple riders we have worked with to get the process working smoothly. The biggest issue so far has been the location code – it must be the first thing in the subject line and cannot contain any spaces. The other issue is occasionally trying to send from an email address different than the one used during registration.

Well, here’s hoping the weather starts to turn for the better!


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