One Month Down, Where’s the Sun?

Some of us got out and about this past week. We had 10 more riders earn their first visit and added a total of 26 visits to the total (now 146). I just know the weather has to get better soon and we will see a lot more activity when that happens. Not surprisingly, the locations near home are the popular ones right now (Whidbey Island leads the way). Sadly, still no love for Montana 🙁

Rider 183 found some sunshine on Whidbey Island.
Wynoochee Dam remains popular, too. Rider 98 took advantage of reasonably dry weather to visit.

Ken Tracy (Rider 128) made the trip up to Aquarius Campground to collect GT17 and found the sign taking a nap on the ground 🙁

So, what to do? Just go and take a picture of any sign at the campground for credit. I suspect the main sign will eventually be repaired, so it remains the sample for now.

The sign at GT17 taking a nap 🙁
Rider 128 at GT17. You can see the campground sign on the ground in the background. The other sign farther back and next to the stop sign would make a good substitute in the meantime.

Finally, one of the things I enjoy is bumping into another rider out on the road. I was at GT21 (Moscow Cemetery) taking my picture last weekend and along comes rider 55. I hung out for the photo op and enjoyed meeting Debi!

Rider 55 and rider 1 at GT21 🙂

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