Another (2) Weeks Down!

The weather…it will get better! I was talking to friends that live just outside Denver and they shared that they had received something like 16 inches of snow from a storm last week. So I guess it could be worse? But seriously, it has been improving and we are starting to see the activity pick up.

Over the last two weeks:

  • 14 riders have visited their first location of the year.
  • 93 riders have visited 269 locations so far (over 100 in the last 2 weeks).
  • 2 riders have reached “Finisher” status (reminder – you don’t have to visit all 30 to be a finisher. Visiting all 30 will get you special recognition).
  • Only 3 locations remain lonely because of snow (Elk Lake Resort in Oregon, the PCT sign in Washington and the Big Hole Battlefield in Montana. Of note, the road up to the Elk Lake Resort is now open and the resort opens for business on May 27th (that’s when you can get close enough for a picture).

Justin has been working behind the scenes to add some additional functionality to the scoring web page. Head over and take a look!

  • The “By Rider” scoreboard lists all riders that have made a visit. Click the rider’s name and you will see a list of the visits that rider has received credit for.
  • The “By Bonus Code” scoreboard is new. It lists all locations and gives a total number of visits for each one. Click the code or name and you can see everyone who has received credit for that location.
  • More enhancements coming…Justin enjoys putting this stuff together and I greatly appreciate his efforts. I hope you do, too!

Just a reminder, please send your pictures to the scoring email address with the code as the first thing in the subject line (no spaces in the code, code is four characters long). I think it is going pretty well. The biggest issues we see are using the wrong email address or not formatting the code in the subject line correctly.

Finally, one note about Steptoe Butte. We have put out that the state plans road work up there this summer. As of today, there is still no indication that work is imminent and the road to the top remains open. From other rider’s reports, it is obvious the road is in poor shape (safe if taken slow), especially near the top. If you are not comfortable picking your way through the potholes, we did provide an alternate location for you to use at the entrance. The view from the top is excellent and worth the ride up, but not if you are miserable doing it!

Rider 103 made it up to the Bluebird Inn on a blue day 🙂
Rider 81 was the second finisher!

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