Weekly Update (June 13th)

I guess in the grand scheme of things, I would rather have rain than days of 100+ temperatures. But it is getting harder to have that positive attitude about the weather. I now have to add not having to water the lawn to keep the HOA happy to the list – that should work for a few more weeks.

We still had more activity last week! 10 riders ventured out and collected their first visits and we had 3 new finishers (Rider 89 – Mike Mead, Rider 7 – Rod Barnes and Rider 185, Ben Ernst). Ben probably gets the record for our rally for longest distance to the first bonus (he hails from Texas), and the fact that he came up here twice to get the visits was very entertaining. Good stuff!

Update #1 – I updated the website for the new location and sample image for GT17 (formerly Aquarius Campground). The new location is a building in the town of Headquarters (at the end of ID-11). Headquarters is where you would turn left to head out to the campground. We will give credit for either location, but I encourage you to use the Headquarters location. Of note, one rider pointed out that planned construction on the NF road going out to the campground will have that road closed for several weeks later this summer.

Update #2 – The PCT sign (GT14) is finally accessible. I watched riders move steadily closer through the week, and I am sure the rain will further improve the road. The final picture was taken by rider 42 and shows him right next to the sign. He does ride a trike, so maybe the snow isn’t all the way gone…

Finally, I am headed out for a rally in Cheyenne next weekend and my ability to stay in touch will be reduced. There are lots of volunteers in the background to keep it all running, but if you send an email, be patient with me 🙂

Rider 128 got creative to get his visit done. His bike is in the distance. And we have proof of life for the sign 🙂
Rider 42 got up close and personal. His flag is upside down, maybe a sign of distress? Perhaps he is still up there…
Rider 185 is the first to visit the new location in Headquarters!

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