Weekly Update (July 11th)

I know it has been a while since the last update. I was entered in a rally, then had an accident and have been at home recovering and trying to find a comfortable position to sit long enough to write a quick note.

We have had 13 new finishers (total of 21) since the last update:

  • (253) Bruce & Carla Wood
  • (260) Ken La Flam
  • (324) John Forrest
  • (325) Doreen Forrest
  • (119) Doug Blair
  • (177) Jim Hill
  • (316) Bart Romple
  • (117) David Hoeft
  • (103) Amie Bourn
  • (042) David Shellman
  • (347) Jenny Ladd
  • (348) Susie Biggs
  • (228) Paul Buechler

Great job to all of these new finishers!

I think the weather is finally improving and am hoping more of you find your way out and about to visit some of the locations. We have 138 riders with at least one visit (out of 267 registered).

One reminder for everyone – the GPS coordinates will get you very close to the required object at the location. Read the location guide for a description of what is required, and look at the sample picture to see exactly what we are looking for. All of the riders have done pretty well with this, but a few destinations have caused confusion.

Also, Steptoe Butte does have an alternate location at the bottom of the road to the top. The road up to the top is still in poor condition with potholes. The view is worth it if you just take it slow, but I understand there are people who are not comfortable riding on that road. That’s why the alternate location was added.

Here’s the alternate location for Steptoe Butte (GT16). Perfect example of using the alternate location 🙂

Some of you have been sending in additional pictures – we love it! Especially now since I won’t be riding again this year. Just remember to make the picture you are sending in for scoring the first attachment. Our scoring system does not recognize any extra pictures. I personally review each email we receive and DO see the extra pictures as well as the notes you add about your ride, so please don’t stop doing that 🙂

Rider 103 consistently sends us great pictures and posts even more to Facebook!

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