Weekly Update (August 7th)

I have finalized the design for the 2022 tee-shirt. Price will be $22 each (includes shipping). Use the link below the picture to visit the order form on the website and get yours!

Order by August 21st, please! I will submit the order and hope to mail them out to you all by the first week in September.

The tee-shirt is unisex, standard fit (not athletic cut). It is a 50/50 cotton/poly blend that should feel softer and hold up to washing better. I put the year on the front – my plan is a different shirt each year that matches the flag color for the most part. I had some requests for KTM Orange…maybe next year…LOL.

I hope to add a few more items over the next week or so. I have some special “holographic” stickers sitting around and have an idea for a coffee mug, too. Others have asked for things like patches, pins and different variations of the shirt (long-sleeve). A broken foot provides me time to tinker, so be patient 🙂

It’s been a good week. We had three more riders finish up all 30 locations, and another 3 riders reach finisher status.

  • Rod Barnes (007) – all 30!
  • Tim Seawel (003) – all 30!
  • Ken Tracy (128) – all 30!
  • Rex Thornton (149) – Finisher
  • William Culbertson (179) – Finisher
  • Kim Chesney (032) – Finisher

Just a reminder, the tour ends September 30th. You need to have all of your pictures submitted by October 1st to allow me time to produce finisher certificates and the “All 30” awards.

Rider 007 collects his 30th stop at Kuk’s!
Rider 003 collects his 30th stop in Libby, Montana!
Rider 128 shows his artistic side at Bog Hole National Battlefield!

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