GT12, Nighthawk, rider 925 (THE REST OF THE STORY)

Hi again,


So here is the deal.


I pulled into Nighthawk and my GPS announced that I had arrived.  I couldn’t find the sign anywhere but did locate the three empty poles and the correct backdrop at this time.  So I took the first picture hoping that it might suffice.  Long story short I decided to poke around for it and went up to a home there.  I lucked out, finding some locals (Rob and Donna) who didn’t want to shoot me for trespassing.  There were no trespassing warnings everywhere.  They said the sign had fallen from its posts but had been laying on the ground the night before.  About 1 1/2 hours later, with their help and that of two other townspeople, we discovered that it had been in danger of blowing into the river the night before so a local named Scott had taken it home.  Sure enough, he had it and thus Pic #2. 


Lucked out again.  Donna told me to be very careful when approaching Scott because he drinks a lot and likes to shoot guns off just for shits and grins.  He, too, has a big no trespassing sign and added to it a beware of dog sign.


In this picture, the building I’m standing in front of, they call the “Pink House”.  Because it its’ mining hayday this building was the den of ill repute.  The locals have decided that, after trying to get the County to remount the sign at the prior location on the three poles in Pic #1, they are going to hang it directly above where you see it leaning up against the “Pink House” on the side of the building facing the road.


So that’s the story.  Might I suggest that you let everyone know where to find it henceforth?  The told me it would be mounted by this afternoon.


Take care,



PS:  Where else and doing what else could you ever have an adventure like this while looking for a simple little old road sign?!

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