[image: GT22.jpg]
I am resubmitting and hoping to be given credit. I may have fat-fingered the GPS coordinates as we had been directed to the lower campground road but we couldn’t find the spot. So we re-read the “Criteria” which states *”Take a picture of the Palisades dam with your bike and flag in the picture” * Technically the picture meets the specified criteria. bike,flag,and the Palisades Dam.
Here is the Google Street View of the same location proving it’s the Palisades Dam. [image: image.png] And here is the link to my Spotwalla Trip to show that my wife and I (249) were there.
I hope that helps meet the requirements. This was a long trip and this is the farthest location from us. We are having a good time and would hate not to get all 30.

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