GT11, Rider 925 Dean Shirey

Hi all,


Photo at GT 11 attached.  And I have a problem:


I rode to GT13, Diablo on the same ride.  I ran into riders #123, Bruce and Dena Carman there and Dena took my pic with my camera.  We then headed into Winthrop and had dinner together.


Just now, when I got home and checked the camera, apparently she did not push the right button and I have no pic.  What I do have is them as witnesses and my SPOT Tracker track that I always carry with me on rides so my wife can see where I am.  


That link is  and if you zoom in you will see me at the Diablo overlook on 6-28-23 at 4:13:11 PM.  I’ll snag an image and email it to you if I can.


I’ve Facebooked Bruce to see if they took a pic of me as well.  Anything I can do to be credited for the destination?  It’s a very long ride from Moses Lake to go back.


I appreciate any consideration you can give.




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