Baseline Ln. It doesn’t sound like much and at first, when Google Maps routed me on it I thought that’s an odd name for a road out in Oregon on my way to Ione and the post office bonus. I think it was about 6 miles before it turned into Jordan Grade. But that six miles…
I haven’t laughed out loud while riding for a while, but this road had me in stitches. It’s nothing but straight, but it has the most amazing rolling hills, hill after hill after hill, and on both sides you’re surrounded by fields and wind machines. Absolute bliss for me.
I don’t know if the bonus in Ione was by design that one should take this road, but I’m so glad I did.
I have no doubt putting on this rally, or any rally, takes a ton of time, stress, and to some degree, liability. All of those things could make one wonder if it’s worth doing, but it is. For us that need an excuse to get out, these types of rallies are wonderful. And let’s be honest, would I ever have gone this way on my own? Probably not.
So thanks Tim for your time and effort. Even if I don’t get to another bonus this entire rally, today was worth it all. So fun.
Cheers, Robert

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