GT21 Mesa Falls Visitor Center

Rider #4 @ GT21 Mesa Falls Visitor Center
NOTE: It is no longer possible to reach the visitor center without paying a fee of $5 and it must be cash, exact change. I didn’t have that exact amount and could not get in. So, I broke the rules and rode into the parking lot the wrong way to the other end. From that point I could see the side of the visitor center — and a sign saying “Upper Mesa Falls”.
Besides, it isn’t possible to get a picture of a bike showing the side in the sample photo.
— Rod Barnes

GT22 Palisades Dam

Rider #4 @ GT22 Palisades Dam
The dam gate is different than the one in the sample photo — the black gate is not there. So I took a photo of the dam sign — a much better choice IMHO — to prove I was at the right place
— Rod Barnes